Darts for tonight's (3/3/15) QCEDL Tuesday teams are postponed due to inclement weather.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Please help pass this information along to all shooters.  Captains, please let your bars know if you were scheduled to be home.  These matches will be made up at the end of the season.  Please follow your normal schedule for next week.  Be safe.




Nominations & Elections

Please note that in order to nominate, be elected to, or vote for a board position-you must be an active in good standing member of QCEDL(must currently be on a team roster, played at least one game, and have your dues paid in full).

Nominations for all board positions are open for the entire month of March 2015. There will be two ways to submit a nomination:

 (1st) email General Secretary Cathy Jasinski directly at  crjazz@hotmail

(2nd) come to the Columbia Club on Thursday March 19th between 7-9pm.

All nominations must be received by 11:59pm on March 31st. You will not be eligible to run for office if your nomination is not received by this deadline.

Yes, you are allowed to nominate yourself for a position. If you are submitting a nomination for someone else, please make sure that person is interested in running.

Complete contact information must be provided for all nominees

All positions are for a 2 year term starting June 1st 2015. Full description of duties for each position can be found in the By-laws located on this website.

Please make sure that you can be fully committed before submitting a nomination.

Voting will take place on Saturday April 18th between 12-3pm(ballots will not be handed out after 3pm)

This will be held at the Columbia Social Club, during the start of the Mr./Mrs. Philly Final.









 Brian Mackenzie, Bill Davis, Frank Gorham, Ray Wolf Jr, Jerry Dooling, Dave Keepler

Walt Hicks Jr, Mick Sweeney, Colin Rath, Willie Simpson, John Holland.

Captains: Rick Arcangel, Keith McCarthy


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